The Right Entrepreneur
Using local agents who know their communities, RTO is able to better find, assess and select clients.

The Right Asset

Through extensive field research RTO works to better understand the equipment needs of our client’s businesses.

The Right Terms

By better understanding our client’s businesses, we are able to work within their seasonal cash-flows.


Learn more about our clients and their businesses.

You can now support many of our clients on Kiva!


Charles runs a small shop in Chibombo, using a deep-freezer to sell cold drinks.

Ruth manages a small farm in Kabwe, using a water pump to expand her production.

Jonathan operates a maize-mill that provides flour for over 2,000 members of his community.

RENT TO OWN – Equipping Rural Zambia

Rent-To-Own is a social enterprise that provides high quality productive assets to small-scale entrepreneurs in rural Zambia. Since our debut in 2010 we have helped catalyze business growth opportunities for hundreds of aspiring Zambian entrepreneurs. By providing the necessary equipment, training and financing that are otherwise inaccessible in rural areas we will continue to tap into the true potential of Zambia’s entrepreneurial capacity.

P: +260 978 002 600  E: info@rtoafrica.com  W: www.rtoafrica.com
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